Preparing to Sell Your Home

When you put your home on the market, preparing for a home inspection is an important next step. Whether you are planning to order a pre-listing inspection or waiting until a buyer hires an inspector, a professional assessment of the premises will usually happen. Here are some recommendations to make the inspection process seamless.

Preparing for a Home Inspection is More than Just Aesthetics

Homeowners tend to prioritize how the home looks over everything else. While it’s important for your home to be visually appealing, if you hope to sell it, you’ll need to pay attention to the issues that a home buyer will notice. Identify problems and concerns such as leaks, damage to walls, or non-functioning light fixtures. These should be repaired before you tackle aesthetic improvements like installing new carpet or painting the walls.

Repair Major Issues

Very few buyers will be interested in a house with a list of problems they’ll need to immediately repair. If you know of major issues such as roof damage, structural issues, or plumbing leaks, fix them as soon as possible. Many more serious concerns will require a professional to remedy, but it’s worth the money and will help you sell the home for a good price. Keeping up with maintenance adds value to the house, and you will feel peace of mind knowing that those issues won’t come up during the buyer’s home inspection.

Keep the House Accessible When Preparing for a Home Inspection

To prepare for an inspection, make sure that anyone viewing your property will be able to access every area of the home. Unlock storage closets, sheds, the crawl space, and the attic. Locked doors may raise suspicions and suggest that you’re hiding something. Transparency fosters trust and gives the buyer more confidence in their purchase of your home.

Make the Home Welcoming

To improve your chances of attracting a buyer, make the home clean and welcoming. A buyer should feel comfortable and that the house is an enjoyable place to live. If you are preparing to list your home, refrain from packing everything and putting it in storage. Leave a few pieces of furniture to stage the home so buyers get a sense of how the living spaces are used.

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