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Sherlock Homes Inspection & Property Management, LLC

Finding the clues to help you make the best choice for your home!

Cracking The Case For Your Best Investment

Interior and exterior model of a house being constructed before home inspection

Any number of problems can arise while purchasing a home. Sherlock Homes Inspection & Property Management is a solution-oriented company that endeavors to help you work through these problems and find viable answers. Having an in-depth home inspection report is an incredible resource when purchasing a home.

Just like the greatest detective Sherlock Holmes, we will work tirelessly to discover any clues that affect the value of your potential home. Using our extensive knowledge of construction and a home’s vital appliances and components, we will uncover any defects or needed repairs that could end up costing you large sums in the future.

Protect your investment and choose Sherlock Homes Inspection & Property Management to work for you!

Performing Inspections With Honesty & Expertise

Beautiful kitchen interior seen during a home inspection
Our main goal is to provide our clients with truthful reports that accurately reflect the property’s true market value. All inspections and in-person walkthroughs are thorough and approached with the utmost vigilance. Any problems that are discovered will be properly addressed and explained in our detailed and easy-to-understand reports.

Exceptional Convenience & Customer Care

Happy family in their new house after a home inspection
We love working with our clients, and we have structured Sherlock Homes Inspection & Property Management to help accommodate their needs and time constraints. We will work on your schedule by offering appointments in the evening and on the weekends. Our clients are encouraged to call us at any time with their questions or concerns prior to or following the in-person Inspection. Additionally, every client is welcome to attend the inspections in-person to see and understand the inspection process personally.

Our reports are completed and returned within 24 hours of the inspection. We will be available for further explanation or advice at any point after the report has been sent. Every client is given the best possible service that can be provided.

Create Request List Feature

Smartphone showing an online home inspection report
Sherlock Homes Inspections & Property Management offers the Create Request List (CRL) feature for your convenience. CRL gives you the capability to make negotiating easier. You can work on personal lists from any computer. When your list is complete, it can easily be included with the standard repair addendum by you or your real estate agent.
Smartphone showing an online home inspection report

Area of Operation

Tolland, Hartford, New Haven, Windham, New London, & Middlesex Counties