Even when you’ve done it before, moving is not always a smooth and straightforward process. Whether you are moving across town or the country, the cost of relocating adds up. You’ll rent a moving truck, pay for boxes, and hire movers to do the hard work. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks for moving on a budget to lower costs without sacrificing comfort.

Make a Budget

Many homeowners waste time and energy coordinating friends to help with the move, only to realize it would have been less expensive and easier to hire movers. When planning to relocate, look at the costs of renting a moving truck, loading it, driving to your new house, and unloading everything on your own. You might be surprised that paying movers is more affordable than you expected. Alternatively, you might consider paying for help to pack up the truck but drive it to the new home and unload it yourself.

Get Boxes for Free

Purchasing boxes from a moving company or online is a good way to get high-quality boxes, but most people underestimate how many they will need. Start by telling your family and friends about the upcoming move when moving on a budget. Ask them to set them aside empty delivery boxes they would otherwise recycle. When running errands, look for extra boxes at supermarkets and recycling centers.

Choose the Right Month for Moving on a Budget

Most families time their move with the end of the school year or summer before the weather turns cooler in fall and winter. If you have more flexibility or don’t have children to worry about, moving during a different time of year will save you money. Choose a month between October and March to negotiate lower rates with the moving company, truck rental company, and other services you’ll need for the move.

Declutter Before Moving Day

Anytime you move, it’s best to pack only the belongings you want and need. If you have been meaning to declutter your bookshelf or sort old clothing to donate, do so before you move. Gather clothes, books, toys, household items, and furniture in good condition and host a yard sale. You’ll earn extra cash to help fund the move. Plus, moving fewer things will result in lower packing and fuel costs.

Moving on a Budget: Talk to Your Accountant

Some expenses may be part of the employment benefits if you’re relocating for work. Talk to your tax professional to learn if you can write off moving costs on your taxes. The entire move will not be deductible, but a tax credit will help offset moving costs.

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