Your living spaces should be a welcoming and comfortable haven for you and your family. That’s why it’s important to keep a safe and healthy home. Let’s look at a few tips to boost wellbeing in your home.

Prevent Mold Growth

Mold is one of the most common health hazards in homes. It often becomes an issue because it tends to grow in out-of-sight areas.

To help prevent mold growth, keep humidity under control. Use ventilation fans in the bathroom and kitchen to help pull humid air out of the home. Mold growth is prevalent in humid and damp places like showers, basements, crawl spaces, and vents.

Inspecting areas beneath cabinets and examining the roof for leaks will help you catch early signs of water damage and mold growth.

A Healthy and Safe Home is Free of Toxins

Some of the most dangerous hazards in a home are odorless and colorless. That’s what makes carbon monoxide and radon gas a threat; they can affect you and your family without your knowledge.

Carbon monoxide is a by-product of combustion. So, if you use a fireplace, gas stove, or heating appliances powered by fuel, there’s a chance you’ll have carbon monoxide in your home. Install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of your home. Test them regularly to verify the alarm will sound.

Radon, on the other hand, is a by-product of radioactive elements like uranium decaying in the soil. This gas can seep into your home via cracks in the foundation and openings around the house designed for plumbing. Exposure to high levels of radon over a long period of time is known to cause lung cancer. Keep a safe and healthy home by regularly testing for radon in your home. Hire a professional for the most accurate results.

Improve Home Security

Deterring criminals from your home gives you peace of mind and keeps your family safe from harm. The best way to burglar-proof your home is to make sure entryways and windows are closed and locked during the night and when you’re away.

A security system with motion-sensing lights, security cameras, and a doorbell camera are significant deterrents for criminals.

If you’re traveling for extended periods, inform your local post office to hold your deliveries until you’re back home. Make sure you don’t have packages coming in when you’re away. Deliveries on your porch are magnets for burglars.

Use an Air Purifier for a Healthy and Safe Home

There are a variety of contaminants in the air we breathe. Dust, pollen, mold, and pet dander are only a few of the ones that cause allergies and respiratory reactions. Fortunately, an air purifier will significantly improve the air quality in your home and protect you from hazards related to indoor air pollution.

While shopping for an air purifier, choose one with a HEPA filter. This type of purifier will filter nearly 100% of all microbes in the air. You can also opt for an appliance with a carbon filter to eliminate household odors.

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